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Treats in your mailbox

Delicious, sustainable and
always freshly roasted for you.
Find out what coffee really tastes like.

Discover now
Discover now

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Join thousands in enjoying better coffee!

We choose the best roasters and the tastiest coffees for you. You just need to focus on enjoying the experience.

Read how it works ⟶


Customise your personalised coffee subscription.


We select the most interesting and exciting coffees from artisan roasters.


The coffees are freshly roasted to order and shipped directly from the roaster to you.


Enjoy delicious, fresh and sustainable coffees - always. Don't forget to Slurp!

Satisfaction guarantee.

You can modify and cancel your subscription any time.
What's more, if you’re not happy with the coffee, the next one is on us.


"Perfect for curious caffeine enthusiasts"


"Slurp tells you which roast suits you best"


"Tell your friends over coffee"

What do our customers think?

The concept is awesome and I think it's simply fantastic to have the opportunity to enjoy really great coffee at home on a regular basis!


Uncomplicated and varied - espresso delight simply delivered to your home. Perfect for getting to know and trying out new roasters from time to time. Always exciting and tasty beans on subscription. Brilliant concept!


Ideal for anyone who loves specialty coffee. Since the first order I am totally a fan! Every month I get a new surprise delivery of really excellent coffees, can recommend for every coffee lover.


I always like to try out new things and found it very appealing to know that there is a pool of roasters who roast the coffee of one's personal taste fresh and promptly for the subscribers.


What I like about Slurp is the consistently good coffee, which tastes different every time and arrives uncomplicated and on time right in my mailbox.


I like the surprise factor and I'm really happy with the service.


It's just great that you have total flexibility to change your subscription. The variety makes Slurp really unique!



Want to give the most delicious gift?

All Slurp coffee experiences can be ordered as gifts! The tastiest gifts of this year are just a few clicks away.

Who are we?

Even though we are already working with small producers in multiple countries, we are still a small startup from Helsinki, Finland. We want to accelerate the whole world's transition to sustainable coffee by changing the way people see coffee.

Get to know us ⟶

40+ independent roasters from 4 different countries

You may not have heard of these coffee roasters before, but you'll certainly enjoy their craft while getting to know them and their stories.

Meet all the roasters ⟶


Better coffee for your money?

We don’t deliver coffee from artisan roasters just because we’re nice (although we are!) – we do it because it’s better for everyone. Here’s why:

Super fresh

All coffees are roasted to order and delivered fresh worldwide in a small parcel, so coffees arrive to your mailbox with all the amazing aromas intact.

Better beans

Our coffees are of the highest grade, referred to as specialty coffee. The price is higher, because not only do farmers and roasters get a much fairer price for their hard work, but the quality and taste is far superior as well.

Real people

Our coffee roasters are small, independent artisans sprinkled across the world with real passion for their craft and stories to tell.

More interesting coffees

We're not a supermarket shelf, so we can avoid the small selection of bland coffees that sit on shelves for months on end. We choose unique, fresh and seasonal coffees that you wouldn't easily get anywhere else. Something new every time!

Better roasting

Artisan coffee is roasted slowly with the utmost care and attention to get the most delicate and delicious flavours out of the bean. Respect towards both the farmer and you drives our roasters to make only the best.

No Middlemen

Because the coffee is delivered in our specially designed parcel directly from the roaster into your mailbox, you don't pay for shelf space. That way you get the best possible price.

Still unsure?

Discover the coffee you've always longed for with our sample bag. It's coffee roasted to perfection and exactly to your taste.