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A gift that keeps on giving
Make the gift of a true taste experience
Design a gift subscription
And this is how it works:
1. Choose the right subscription

This is easily done by selecting the flavour profile: should the coffees taste fruity and light or rather chocolaty and full-bodied?

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2. Personalise your gift

Choose quantity, frequency and brewing method. Remember to check "This is a gift" when choosing the subscription plan.

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3. Let the journey of discovery begin

To ensure the best possible taste, all coffees come freshly roasted, directly from the roasteries to the recipients mailbox.

SLURP Taste Experience

Make the gift of a true taste experience

Make the gift of a true taste experience
Design a gift subscription
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Surprise your loved ones with coffee they'll love

The unique SLURP coffee subscription allows every coffee lover to try out new coffees again and again, always matching their personal preferences. We choose a new and exciting coffee from one of our partner roasters for each delivery.

  • Available as a fixed-term subscription with up to 24 deliveries
  • Billing per coffee
  • Delivered directly to the recipient's letterbox
  • Start date freely selectable
  • Exclusively sustainably produced coffees (specialty coffees)
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High-quality coffee, delivered straight to the letterbox
Design a gift subscription
+ Which SLURP subscriptions are also available as gifts?

All our subscriptions are also available as gifts. Don't forget to tick the 'This is a gift' box. This is done in the last step of the configuration.

+ How is the billing handled?

Regardless of whether you choose an ongoing or fixed-term subscription (3, 6, 9, 12 or 24 deliveries) as a gift: You will always be billed per coffee delivery.

+ What's the difference between an ongoing and a fixed-term subscription?

An ongoing subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time. In addition, changes regarding the roast level, quantity and delivery interval are permitted with an ongoing subscription. You can always pause a fixed-term subscription, but it cannot be cancelled and changes are only possible to a limited extent.

+ Will the person receiving the gift be notified?

The presentee will NOT receive a message from us - it is supposed to be a surprise! However, in the confirmation email you will receive a link to download a gift voucher, which you can print out and enhance with subscription details and a personal greeting.